Team Member of the Month!



We are pleased to announce that Keli Adams is our April 2022 Team Member of the month!!!  Congratulations from all of us!!  Here's what is being said about Keli!!!

Keli goes above and beyond with her job! She is always looking for ways to help other Team Members. She is passionate about her job and her Team Members. Keli looks for ways to make her job and others' jobs easier, clearer, etc. She wants and works for what is best for the team. She is willing to work more hours when needed and volunteers to take on jobs that others don't want to do or don't have time to do. She is fun and energetic to work with!

Keli works hard and is always willing to help out when someone needs extra help.  She has helped Maintain and keep AA (Behind the scenes) running smoothly, she does a lot of the little things that others do not realize needs to be done.  Keli has a big heart and cares for the Kiddos, families and other Team members!