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Team Member of the Month!




Board Certified Behavior Consultant 

We are pleased to announce that Kristen Carpenter is our April 2023 Team Member of the Month!!! 

Congratulations from all of us!

Here's what people are saying about Kristen!

Kristen is a fantastic team member!! She is continuously looking for ways to improve her skills as a BCBA and as a supervisor. She cares so deeply for her clients and team members and shows this every day. Kristen is open to suggestions and implements these changes immediately. She wants and continues to look for ways to better support those around her including kiddos, her team, admin, and the company as a whole. Kristen has a positive outlook in everything she does and encourages others throughout her work day.

Kristen did our Clinical Interview for ACQ accreditation and did a FANTASTIC job. She was Articulate, very organized, and thorough. She KICKED BUTT!! We appreciate her taking the time to help us with ACQ!

Kristen works hard for her Kiddos and Team Members and goes above and beyond for everyone she works with. Kristen cares for her Team (Clients & Team Members) and puts others' needs before her own to keep everything running smoothly.


She has the Biggest heart!

Thank you all for your continued hard work with our amazing kiddos!  We are so happy to be working with each of you!

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