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Team Member of the Month!




Board Certified Behavior Consultant

We are pleased to announce that Ashley is our July 2023 Team Member of the Month!!! 

Congratulations from all of us!

Here's what people are saying about Ashley

Ashley is the BEST supervisor. She cares so much for our clients and is always thinking outside the box to make sessions fun for them! She is a great supervisor and always makes sure we have everything we need to be successful. And not to mention how punny she is!! We are so lucky to have her!

Ashley is an amazing BCBA and a fantastic Team Member! She is skilled at her job, cares about the kiddos, families, and Team Members, and is a pleasure to work with. Ashley has a large caseload and is able to keep everything organized and her kiddos continue to improve in their skills. She is always up for a challenge and looks for ways to be better at her job. Ashley advocates for each of her clients and Team Members. She is a vital part of Achieving Abilities and we are so lucky to get to work with her!

Ashley works very hard for her Team and Kiddos, making sure that they are happy and successful in whatever they are learning/doing.  She cares for those around her.  She does ALOT of behind the scene things that helps AA continue to be an AMAZING place to work!  Thank You Ashley for all the hard work you do!

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